Bo Shi Li

Residential and commercial real estate broker

Born in northern China , Bo Shi immigrated to Canada with her parents, as investors, after having graduated from a university in Beijing in 2002. During her time studying accounting and management at McGill University, she started working in accounting firms and in her 5 year tenure,  she quickly understood the importance of always being professional and confidential.

In the past 20 years, she has done it all. From working for real estate companies and developers doing bookkeeping and tax reports, while studying in construction management in real estate, to working in real estate project planning and implementation, purchasing and selling residential and commercial real estate, in addition to helping in government and corporate investments and cooperative projects. Bo Shi has accumulated a lot of  experience, and built a strong reputations and vast connections. Having completed a of bachelor degree computer science, she is highly capable of operating a variety of business softwares allowing for her work to be done both quickly and efficiently.

Sincere, enthusiastic, positive, and with a wide range of hobbies, she is an advocate of public welfare, actively promoting scientific, technological and international exchanges between Canada and China, as well as both organizing and participating in various local and international activities in schools, hospitals and charitable organizations.

She has also served as the secretary of the Heilongjiang Association and Chamber of Commerce in Quebec, the Canadian Technology and Culture Chamber of Commerce, as well as being the Vice President and Secretary of the Canada-China Trading Commerce Association, and being a director and consultant of numéros associations and chambers. She has also volunteered at the Montreal Chinese Hospital and South Shore International House.

With a vaste experience in local and international real estate, as well as many other different industries, she is more than capable to understand the needs of her clients and helping them reach their goals by providing a high quality, efficient, confidentiel and professional service.


Smile each day and always be the happiest
by Antonietta
Une jeune grande femme à succès que nous aimons! Avec Amour.
by Silvia Farkas & R.Claudio Nasso

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