Jean-Pascal Martin

Infinite Financial Solution - Co-Founder and President

Jean-Pascal began his financial career in 2010 as a financial security advisor and educator. His specialties include retirement and estate planning, tax-efficient investments, wealth building and estate preservation.

As a former business owner, he noticed that the mainstream financial companies seemed to be leaving families behind because they do not understand the tax implications of their assets, such as their home, RRSP, non-registered investments and businesses, can affect their retirement or when they pass away. Families lose a considerable amount of money, due to taxes owed, through the lack of financial education.

After studying the market for over 2 decades, he started to pay attention to the guidance that is usually reserved to the wealthy. This piqued his curiosity and he devoted himself to provide the best advice and solutions to his clients. Through emulating what the wealthy families, major corporations and banks do he was able to grow his client’s wealth and better protect their estates. He was able to provide strategies and concepts that were not available through the standard and traditional financial channels.

While many advisors are focused on the accumulation phase of the financial planning stage (growing the wealth of their clients), Jean-Pascal is focus on providing them the most tax-efficient income at their retirement while preparing the transfer of their estate to the next generation.

His dedication is to provide the right financial education to professionals, business owners and real estate investors about how to maximize their wealth and leave a legacy to their families through well-kept secret strategies of the industry.

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